I know I'm not the only one who loves that Dixon crossbow shooting man. How can you resist his sleeveless plaid? The Southern twang in his voice? Or that redneck smolder of his? You can't. Submit your own Daryl appreciations posts and share the love you have for Mr. Dixon.


This weekend marked the 6th time that I’ve had the pleasure to meet Norman Reedus. I remember the first time that I met him, no more that 300 fans were in line and it took about 20 minutes to be in the same air as my idol. Each time I have met him the wait gets longer and longer, this weekend I stood in a cramped hallway for 6 hours to see this amazing man. I was bitter at first, remembering how easy and personal my first encounters with him were but then I thought he fucking deserves this. He deserves thousands of fans waiting to see him, I’ve had so many great experiences a with this man and everyone who looks up and admires him should too. It’s bittersweet to know I’ll never wait less than an hour (okay without spending $27382722 on VIP passes) to meet him but I’d wait 24hours any day just to talk to this guy. He is such a sweetheart to each and every fan that he deserves nothing less.
Norman, thank you, you mean so much to us.

I’ve been away for a while sorry guys… some really weird things have happened to me in the past month.

For example a boy likes me… like me.. me guys me. But he’s not Daryl Dixon which is a huge problem for me.

Anyways I want to start updating more when I finish up school and have time. I love you all.

Here’s some eye candy to get you by ;)

Our other new one! FREE DARYL DIXON! TheConGirls.Etsy.com

Our other new one! FREE DARYL DIXON! TheConGirls.Etsy.com

Happy Birthday to the man whose been my whole life since last October!

To the man who has inspired me, motivated me and taught me how to be the best person I can be.

Happy Birthday Norman<3 I love you.