I know I'm not the only one who loves that Dixon crossbow shooting man. How can you resist his sleeveless plaid? The Southern twang in his voice? Or that redneck smolder of his? You can't. Submit your own Daryl appreciations posts and share the love you have for Mr. Dixon.


I’ve been away for a while sorry guys… some really weird things have happened to me in the past month.

For example a boy likes me… like me.. me guys me. But he’s not Daryl Dixon which is a huge problem for me.

Anyways I want to start updating more when I finish up school and have time. I love you all.

Here’s some eye candy to get you by ;)

Our other new one! FREE DARYL DIXON! TheConGirls.Etsy.com

Our other new one! FREE DARYL DIXON! TheConGirls.Etsy.com

Happy Birthday to the man whose been my whole life since last October!

To the man who has inspired me, motivated me and taught me how to be the best person I can be.

Happy Birthday Norman<3 I love you.

Happy New Year to my beautiful friends!

May your year be filled with more Norman and The Walking Dead than all the years past!

If that’s even possible. ;)